Care of cultured pearls

Pearls can be worn often and to all occasions. However, because they are an organic product, certain criteria should be observed, including their correct handling as chemical substances and hard or sharp objects may damage their surface. Pearls should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth and stored in a soft pouch after they are worn.

Taking care of pearls

Cosmetics, perfumes or hairspray may damage your pearls. It is best to wear pearl jewellery only after applying make-up.

Perspiration may also affect the lustre of cultured pearls. Therefore, we recommend regularly cleaning your necklace with a soft, dry cloth.

Hard objects may scratch the surface of pearls, we recommend storing pearls in a soft pouch apart from other jewellery.

The silk thread of the necklace will stretch after a while; humidity and cosmetics may weaken it. We recommend having your necklace restrung from time to time at a jeweller that you trust.