Farbsteinschmuck Frieden
Farbsteinschmuck Rainbow von Frieden

Natural coloured sapphires from Madagascar - a valuable speciality

Natural pastel-coloured sapphires from Madagascar, carefully selected to create very fine colour graduations, are the highlight of the Rainbow Collection. The sapphires are cut by hand in an elaborate process and the colours are arranged to form exciting rainbow lines. Thanks to the highest level of goldsmithing, necklaces and bracelets are very supple and comfortable.

Rainbow Schmuck von Frieden

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the making of a rainbow collier

Look over the shoulder of our goldsmith during the creation process.

Subtle color gradients...

It fills us with pride that our RAINBOW collection remains unmatched to this day, both in terms of the subtle color gradients of the rainbow line and the comfort of wear. To maintain the delicate rainbow lines of a necklace, the gemologist requires approximately 1000 rough stones of mixed colors for each color line of every size. This elaborate foundation forms the basis for the creation of these exceptional pieces.

Additionally, our customers benefit from excellent customer service beyond the purchase. Whether it’s for refreshing the jewelry piece, resizing, or repair.

Brigitte and Patrick Aeschbacher

Brigitte & Patrick Aeschbacher, Inhaber und Geschäftsführer der Frieden AG Creative Design

Over 125 years of experience

At the beginning, there was a silversmith with a sense of beauty, skilled hands, and the courage to open a workshop to produce silver filigree jewellery for the rural population’s traditional attire.

A generation later, from 1970 onwards, two important pillars were added by Thomas Frieden, G.G. GIA and expert of the Swiss Gemmological Society: direct purchasing and trading of gemstones and cultured pearls. Thanks to the professional expertise, market knowledge, and a global network of relationships built over decades, Frieden is able to offer exceptional rarities, particularly in the field of coloured gemstones.

Frieden AG is still a family-owned enterprise. In early 2018, the shares were transferred from the Frieden family to Patrick and Brigitte Aeschbacher, who have been running the company with the same passion as their predecessors ever since. Brigitte Aeschbacher continually surprises with the development of exclusive collections featuring diamonds and coloured gemstones.

You can read the entire company history here

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Coloured precious stones come in an incredible variety of colours, however, only few can be cut into gemstones. Rough crystals look like plain, dull pebbles; their true colours can only be guessed. Their colours, transparency and brilliance are only revealed once they are cut and faceted. The stonecutter’s job requires skill and years of experience.

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Subtle color gradients...


Investing in rare gemstones is an original means of asset diversification: a way to mix passion and fascination with a long term return on investment. Only natural, untreated gemstones of the highest quality and with famous origins qualify for investment purposes.

For decades, passionate gemmologists, Thomas Frieden and René Lauper, have built up a positive reputation as experts in precious coloured gemstones. Thanks to regular trips to mines and marketplaces, Frieden has a worldwide network in the countries where gemstones originate, which gives it the opportunity to acquire rare and unusual gemstones.

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