Gem Investing

Investments in joy and lasting values

Investing in rare gemstones is an original means of asset diversification: a way to mix passion and fascination with a long term return on investment.

Only natural, untreated gemstones of the highest quality and with famous origins qualify for investment purposes.

For decades, passionate gemmologists, Thomas Frieden and René Lauper, have built up a positive reputation as experts in precious coloured gemstones.

Thanks to regular trips to mines and marketplaces, Frieden has a worldwide network in the countries where gemstones originate, which gives it the opportunity to acquire rare and unusual gemstones.

Lasting values

Natural-coloured, untreated gemstones of the highest quality have greatly increased in value in recent years, especially those from famous provenances. Many mines are already depleted or will be in the near future. It is therefore worth considering long-term investments in such rarities – either in loose gemstones or those set in exclusive pieces of jewellery.


Investment criteria

Only natural, untreated gemstones of the highest quality and with famous origins qualify for investment purposes: especially rubies, sapphires and emeralds, but also spinels, tsavolites and alexandrites. Investment stones should be of a minimum size and must have an internationally recognized certificate from laboratories like GIA, SSEF Gübelin or GRS, which confirms the stone’s origin and that it is of a natural colour (i.e., untreated – NTE, No Thermal Enhancement).


– maximum value in minimal space
– easy to store and transport
– difficult to destroy
– easy to pass on to the next generation
– strong value appreciation due to limited numbers of sites and mines
– strong increase in demand thanks to new markets in Asia
– little volatility
– independent of financial markets and stock exchanges
– investment for pleasure (jewellery, gem collections)


– relatively little market liquidity, not easily liquidated
– no list prices except for diamonds
– limited circle of buyers (gemstone wholesalers, jewellers, auction houses, collectors)