Diamonds and their properties

The ancient Greeks’ expression for invincibility was ‘adamas’, which is from where the diamond receives its name. Diamonds are the hardest material on earth, harder than anything else in nature. A top-quality diamond, perfectly cut, achieves an extraordinary brilliance. The better the quality of a diamond, the higher the brilliance and the fire of the stone.

The quality standards

The quality standards

The quality standards that determine the value of a diamond are the 4 C: colour, clarity, cut and carat weight, defined by an international scale, used worldwide and therefore diamonds are comparable with themselves.

CONFIDENCE (VERTRAUEN) von Diamanten von Frieden


The 5th C stands for confidence in the diamond dealer or jeweller. All diamonds from the size of 0.40ct and up come with a certificate of an internationally approved gemmological laboratory such as GIA or SSEF. This is a quality guarantee of highest international standards. With this certificate the diamond can be identified and valued at any time.